Sunset in east Greenland

This pic was taken in November 2016 and was the last sunset in 2016


OX Beacons

Here you find information about OX ham radio beacons in Greenland


6 m: OX6M 50.047 MHz  

4 m: OX4M 70.047 MHz

OX6m OX4M ox6mbcnILT ox6mILT2  
 Power on 6m and 4m: 25 Watt  Antenna: Dipole N/S  
   Antenna height ASL: 50 m  

MODE: CW and PI4.

PI-RX software to decode PI4 can be found here

To receive beacon in PI4 use MODE:USB and VFO dial 50046.2  or 70046.2.

To receive beacons in CW use MODE: CW and VFO dial 50047 or 70047 for 800Hz tone

4 m and 6 m beacons are GPS sync from 1PPS

Locator is HQ90AL in North East Greenland

youtube vids of 6 m bcn in action


 6 m: OX3VHF 50.045 MHz   

 2 m: OX3VHF 144.398 MHz 

No output power 01.07.2016, waiting for repair


 ox3vhf6mant    ox3vhf2mant  
Power: 20 W Antenna: Hort dipole N/S    Power: 50 W Antenna: 4 elm at QTF:100 deg SE  
Key: A1 note bcn sends wrong loc GP60   Key: F1A  
 Loc wwl/grid: GP80KA    
 Location: Weather station Prince Christiansund    
 Height ASL: 65 meters    
  6 m: OX3SIX 50.012 MHz      4 m: OX4MB 70.012 MHz   
 Power: 100 W Antenna: Hort dipole N/S    Power: 25 W Antenna:5elm at QTF:90 Deg E  
 key: A1    Key: F1A  
 Loc wwl/Grid HP15EO    Loc wwl/Grid: GP47TA  
 Location: Tasiilaq city near satellit E/S    Location: Kangerlussuaq/Sonderstrom Airport at radar site  


greenlandoxmap Here a old link to  info about 2m,4m,6m  beacons in Greenland



OX3LX NA151 Feb 2016

20160217 104321here some pics from NA151


20160217 140352







oz1oxq 17 maj

ox3ue 17maj


19 maj


OZ1OXQ 19maj


OX3UE 19maj



7 9maj OX3UE


7 9maj OZ1OXQ


1 maj

1maj OX3UE

1maj OZ1OXQ


01 maj 2016

700m asl dye4

dye4 133543



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