Something amazing every day.
  1. SpaceX Drops Plans for Powered Dragon Landings
    SpaceX no longer plans to have the next version of its Dragon spacecraft be capable of powered landings, a move that has implications for the company's long-term Mars plans.
  2. A Huge Asteroid Hitting Mars 4 Billion Years Ago May Have Shaped the Red Planet
    A new study supports the idea that the sculpting of Mars and its two small moons was largely determined by a huge impact early in the solar system's history.
  3. What Does a Life-Sized Lego Luke Skywalker Look Like? This!
    Comic-Con is already underway with photos starting to emerge from the con floor.
  4. Margaret and the Moon: New Kids' Book Profiles Pioneering Apollo Programmer
    One week in 2014, a 45-year-old snapshot unexpectedly went viral. Taken in 1969, the black-and-white photograph showed a young bespectacled woman, a wide grin on her face as she gingerly balances a tower of manuals, each one thicker than the last.
  5. Houston, We Have a Kickstarter: Campaign Launches to Restore Mission Control
    Forty-eight years to the day after the team in NASA's Houston Mission Control guided the Apollo 11 astronauts to the first-ever landing on the moon, a crowd-funding campaign has launched to return Mission Control to its July 1969 Apollo-era configuration.
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