Something amazing every day.
  1. S.S. Gene Cernan: Space Station Resupply Ship Named for Last Man on the Moon
    The last human to step off the moon is the latest astronaut to be memorialized with the naming of a space station-bound cargo ship.
  2. Newfound Bus-Size Asteroid Will Zoom Safely By Earth Today
    The newfound asteroid 2017 TD6 will give Earth a close shave on Oct. 19, 2017, when the object flies by Earth at an estimated 119,000 miles away.
  3. Space Gardening May Treat Astronauts' Blues
    Many people step into their home gardens for a bit of DIY therapy. A new study suggests that astronauts could also reap the psychological benefits of gardening.
  4. Companies Seek Roles in NASA's Return to the Moon
    As NASA develops a plan to carry out a new administration policy calling for a human return to the moon, companies developing lunar landers and related infrastructure are seeking to play a role.
  5. Moon Express and NanoRacks Partner on Lunar Payloads
    Commercial lunar lander company Moon Express announced an agreement with NanoRacks Oct. 10 to carry commercial payloads to the surface of the moon.
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