1. Climate change could trigger gigantic deadly tsunamis from Antarctica, new study warns
    Slippages in sediment beneath the Antarctic seabed could spawn gigantic tsunamis as oceans warm.
  2. James Webb telescope discovers gargantuan geyser on Saturn's moon, blasting water hundreds of miles into space
    The James Webb Space Telescope caught Saturn's icy moon Enceladus spraying a 'huge plume' of watery vapor far into space — and that plume may contain chemical ingredients for life.
  3. The Euclid spacecraft will transform how we view the 'dark universe'
    The European Space Agency’s (ESA) Euclid satellite completed the first part of its long journey into space on May 1, 2023, when it arrived in Florida on a boat from Italy.
  4. 10 everyday NASA inventions and spin-offs you can find in your home
    Explore 10 everyday inventions and spin-offs by NASA, many of which you'll find in your home.
  5. Princess Leia's original 'Star Wars' ceremonial dress could fetch $2 million at auction (exclusive)
    Princess Leia's ceremonial dress costume from 'Star Wars' goes up for auction in June and could draw some staggering bids.
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