FT857d 6m preamp repair

FT857d 6m preamp repair


I'm using a Yaesu FT857d to monitering 6m videos, the antenna is a verticle and one day I discover the RX was dead on 6m 50MHz. After studie the schematic from the service manual I found there was a preamp on 50Mhz. The preamp using a 2SC5374 semiconductor, I ordre one from ebay but then probely cheaper from Yaesu , here how to located the preamp


Link to FT857d shcematic pdf

Link to FT857d PA Unit and location of Q3034 pdf



remove the bottom cover and you will quick located Q3034, left from the ferrit coil  

ft857d Q3034 2


Oh boy thease SMD componets are so small, so be careful when replace it.



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