Here info when OX3LX plan to be QRV in 2020.


I will be QRV again from NA134 Aasiaat and Uummanaq and Upernavik Island: Locator GP38NQ, GQ30WQ and GQ12WS from 24/08/2020 to around 20/09/2020. Date can be change se my QRZ profile


It is not a DXped so I will only be QRV when not at QRL. Best chance is in the morning around lunch and after dinner(local time= utc-2) In the weekend also during night/morning.



Previous activation :(maybe not all activation is there)

07.07.2020 to 04.08.2020 I was in NA134 Aasiaat Island GP38NQ 

03.05.2020 to 03.06.2020 NA134 Aasiaat GP38NQ

13.02.2020 to 28.022020 I was in Aasiaat Island NA134 GP38NQ

21.01.2020 to 31.012020 I was in Aasiaat Island NA134 GP38NQ

xx.10.2019 to xx.1x.2019 NA018  GP47TA 

24.09.2019 to 03.10.2019 NA018 and NA220 Simiutaq Island GP60QQ

22.08.2019 to 05.09.2019 I was in NA134 Upernavik Island GQ12WS

23.07.2019 to 05-08-2019 I was in NA134 Aasiiat and Disko Island

11.06.2019 to 21.06.2019 I was in Nuuk NA018 GP44 

01.03.2019 to 03.03.2019 I was QRV from GP47ta NA018 

04.03.2019 to 07.03.2019 I was QRV from Aasiaat Island NA134  GP38 

20/10 to 30/10-2018 I was in GP47TA NA018

25/9 to 2/10+2018 I was in HQ90AL NA018 

15/8 to 3/9-2018 I was in GQ30WQ NA134 Uummanaq

29/6 to 17/7-2018 I was in HQ90AL NA018 Scosbysund

10/5 to 17/5 2018, I was in GP60XR NA018 Qaqortoq City 

29/1 to 2/2 2018,  I was in GP44 NA018 Nuuk City

20/9 to 28/9 2017  I was in GP49KF NA018 Ilulissat City

18/8 to 24/8 2017 I was QRV from NA220 Simiutaq Island GP60

18/7 to 28/7-2017 I was in GP49KF NA018 Ilulissat City

12/6 to 26/6 2017 NA151 HP15eo Tasiilaq Island

xx to 4/12 2016 HQ90 scosbysund

4/10 to 18/10 2016 HQ90  Scosbysund

30/9 to 4/10 GP47 Kangerlussuaq

31/8 to 13 sep 2016 I was QRV GP38  NA134

9/7-15/7 2016 I was QRV from HP15 NA151

5/7-9/7-2016 I was QRV from GP44 NA018

15/3 to 22/3 2016 I was QRV from NA151

Between 17/2-28/2-2016 I was QRV from NA151 Christians 4th Island

Between 9/2-16/2-2016 I was QRV from NA018 Qaqortoq city

Between 27/11 and 2/12-2015 I was QRV from NA151 Chrisians 4th Island GP80KB

Between 26/10 and 2/11 I was in NA018 Nuuk city GP44

Between 26/9-12/10 I was in NA151 Tasiilaq Island HP15EO

duobandHQ90 2

My 6m and 4m Duoband in HQ90AL 2018

qthHQ90 2

QTH in HQ90AL 2018

TAS AU 2IMG 4813

My Verticale antenna for 80m I was using at NA151 Tasiilaq Island. But to much northlight so only a few QSO was made.

Between 4-11 September 2015 I was at QING Island NA018 GP44KJ

Between 13-18 july 2015 I was at NA134 Aasiaat Island

Between 13 june to 22 june I was QRV from NA220 Simiutaq Island

Between 1 of May to 11 of May 2015 I was QRV from south Greenland and NA220 Simiutaq Island GP60QQ

24th to 27th of February 2015 I was back at Kookoerne Island NA-220 Grid: GP34XB.

2/2 to 4/2-2015 I was QRV from NA018 Grid GP47TA

6/2 to 11/2-2015  I was QRV from NA220 "Kookoerne Islands" Grid: GP34XB


 26/11 to 1/12 -2014 I was again QRV from NA134 Disko Island Grid GP39FF


29/10 to 5/11 I was QRV from Disko Island NA134 (Grid GP39FF). 


20-27 of September I was QRV from Kulusuk Island NA151 HF+6m 



3rd of August to 20th of August I was QRV from south Greenland NA151 Christians 4th Island GP80


27/6 to 7/7 I was QRV from LOC: GP47TA NA018  6m and HF 


5th to 9th of May 2014 I was QRV from Aasiaat Island NA-134 , HF only 


28-Jan to 4-Feb  2014 I was QRV from Mainland NA018 on 10/12/15/17/20/30/40/80/160m CW /SSB 


24th-27th Feb. 2014 I'm QRV from Nuuk the capital city of Greenland. HF only <NA018


Spring and summer plans not decide yet, more info will come.




Past info where  OX3LX was QRV in 2013

Januar 2013  I was QRV from GP60, Simiutaq Island NA-220

April/May 2013 I was QRV from GP47TA NA018


21/5 24/5 I was QRV from GP36DW NA-018



1/6-7/6-2013 I was  QRV from HP15EO NA151 East OX

Here a pic's of my 4m/6m duoband antenne from 1st june 2013 in HP15EO 




 I did work 1 EME QSO on 6m and alot of HF


From 5/8 to 9/8-2013 I was QRV from GP38 NA-134 Aasiaat Island

Very bad prop and alot of QRL so no QSO's was made.



From 15/8 to 28/8-2013 I was QRV from HQ90AL NA018 and HQ60 NA-243 East OX

Here a pic of my 2m EME M2-5WL with manual AZ/ELV. 

A few QSO's on 30m made from NA-243 also some QSO's on 30m from NA-018

EME August 2013 HQ90AL.



18/9 to 25/9 I will be at Kulusuk Island IOTA: NA-151 Locator: HP15KN



Sunset in east Greenland

This pic was taken in November 2016 and was the last sunset in 2016







oz1oxq 17 maj

ox3ue 17maj


19 maj


OZ1OXQ 19maj


OX3UE 19maj



7 9maj OX3UE


7 9maj OZ1OXQ


1 maj

1maj OX3UE

1maj OZ1OXQ


01 maj 2016

OX Beacons

Here you find information about OX ham radio beacons in Greenland


6 m: OX6M 50.047 MHz  

4 m: OX4M 70.047 MHz

OX6m OX4M ox6mbcnILT ox6mILT2  
 Power on 6m and 4m: 25 Watt  Antenna: Dipole N/S  
   Antenna height ASL: 50 m  

MODE: CW and PI4.

PI-RX software to decode PI4 can be found here

To receive beacon in PI4 use MODE:USB and VFO dial 50046.2  or 70046.2.

To receive beacons in CW use MODE: CW and VFO dial 50047 or 70047 for 800Hz tone

4 m and 6 m beacons are GPS sync from 1PPS

Locator is HQ90AL in North East Greenland

youtube vids of 6 m bcn in action


 6 m: OX3VHF 50.045 MHz   

 2 m: OX3VHF 144.398 MHz 

No output power 01.07.2016, waiting for repair


 ox3vhf6mant    ox3vhf2mant  
Power: 20 W Antenna: Hort dipole N/S    Power: 50 W Antenna: 4 elm at QTF:100 deg SE  
Key: A1 note bcn sends wrong loc GP60   Key: F1A  
 Loc wwl/grid: GP80KA    
 Location: Weather station Prince Christiansund    
 Height ASL: 65 meters    
  6 m: OX3SIX 50.012 MHz      4 m: OX4MB 70.012 MHz   
 Power: 100 W Antenna: Hort dipole N/S    Power: 25 W Antenna:5elm at QTF:90 Deg E  
 key: A1    Key: F1A  
 Loc wwl/Grid HP15EO    Loc wwl/Grid: GP47TA  
 Location: Tasiilaq city near satellit E/S    Location: Kangerlussuaq/Sonderstrom Airport at radar site  


greenlandoxmap Here a old link to  info about 2m,4m,6m  beacons in Greenland



OX3LX NA151 Feb 2016

20160217 104321here some pics from NA151


20160217 140352


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